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In a fast-paced and highly stressful industry, it is important that we establish new ways on how to work smart and not hard.   We all have the same amount of hours in a day and with time being our most expensive commodity it would only make sense to call on Planner Assist to ensure an extra hour or two in your dayPlanner Assist alleviates the stress factor and gives you the ‘mind space’ to deal with and focus on what is important in your business.

Does this sound like you?

  • Time Broke
  • The work stops when you leave the office
  • You have little resources to pay for labour or extra help
  • You have the jobs but NO man power to do the work
  • Your admin duties take up all your time
  • Short staffed

Planner Assist has the solution;

  • We provide on-demand assistance
  • Short term and long term agreements
  • Cost effective
  • Task specific
  • Experienced assistants is allocated to your specific needs
  • Leverage on your time
  • Value for investment

Call on Planner Assist - Making your life easier.

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What will I gain from joining Planner Assist?


  • Free registration
  • Monthly electronic news
  • Automatically signed up for our blog
  • Free entry to all competitions
  • Special prices for tools, training and mentorship programs
  • 1 x early bird registration to annual event
  • Free attendance to our monthly networking, online and in person network platform and webinars
  • Discount vouchers from our online shop
  • Free online magazine
  • 3 HRS per month online assistance
  • Mystery Gift


Diary Management Per month Schedule of appointments, confirmation, follow up calls and reminders
Email/mailbox Management Per email Spam, usage, scanning of emails, categorize
General Research and solicit of: Per hour location, venue, accommodation,  pricing, suppliers, vendors, sponsors, speakers, entertainers, themes,  promotional items
Typing Per page General Word Typing / Reports / Proposals
Data Capture Per hour General information
Electronic Filing Per item Ensure folders and files in required format
Proof Reading Per page General proof reading
Proof Reading Per element A reference is given and proof reading is done to check correct format, wording, branding is used
Scanning of documents Per document
Event Registration System Per hour Installation/download / branding / event specific / confirmations / special requirements /management / maintenance
Critical Path Per hour Set-up / manage / reminders
Travel Booking Per delegate/guest Flight & Reminders
Travel Booking Per delegate / guest Shuttle / Taxi & Reminders
Travel Planning Per hour All inclusive
Accommodation Booking Per delegate / guest Booking & Reminder
Spouse Fun Activity / Tours Per person Booking, tickets, arrangements & Reminder
Group Off Site activity / tours Per hour Booking, tickets, arrangements & Reminders
Telephone answering and  liaison Per call or per month As instructed
Branding Per hour Document design / creation

Word & Excel

Design Per design Logo / website image designs / email signature
Event Secretary Per hour Attend all meetings on site in order to prepare and distribute minutes of meetings held
Event Coordination Per hour This person will be part of an organising committee  – full responsibility of event implementation and execution
Concierge Service Per hour Welcome guest & direct to where they need to go  & answer any on-site queries
Registration Per delegate / guest Delegate/guest liaison – ensure delegate are accounted for and process runs smoothly
Event Information Booth Per hour Delegate/guest liaison – handling all event queries and information
Event Coordinator Per hour On the day of event only – to oversee the event – this will apply to events max 150 delegates
Staffing Per hour per staff member Supply of staff extras for large scale events

Post event duties

Administrational duties Applicable as per required duties As per range of admin duties indicated under pre-event planning services
Event Secretary for De-briefing meeting Per hour Prepare minutes – distribute and ensure all poste event information is actioned
Event Report Per page Typing of event report
Thank You letters Per delegates Link to registration system – ensure relevant post event information reaches delegates
Event evaluation Per delegate Set-up evaluation system – distribute to delegates/guest – consolidate results – prepare report

Planner Assist Project Management Options

For temporary projects and timeline of 1-3 months:

  •  15 – 40 HOURS @ R150 PH
  • 45 – 65 HOURS @ R130 PH
  • 70 AND OVER @ R120 PH

Planner assist value packages

PACKAGE A:  R2850 pm


  • Basic membership
  • Dedicated planner on call
  • In person 1 hour consultation per month by senior event manager

T & C:  Planner on call is maxed at 15HRS per month / event duties will be stipulated before hand

PLANNER ASSIST in collaboration with Virtual Office Assist

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